Sunday, 17 June 2012

20th century fashion 1900 to 1919

Other key looks from 1900 to 1919

Edwardian blouses: Made of ruffles or striped, it epiomized the femininity of the time.

S-shape corsets: This corset created the ideal female Edwardian form with a tiny waist.

Geometrics: Sweeping curved patterns in deep colours red, black and blue appeared from 1910 along with other geometric patterns  and cubist motifs.

Hobble and kite dresses: After leaving behind belle époque silhouette, dresses became looser. Paul Poiret created the revolutionary hobble skirt. It had a shorter and narrower hemline which influenced the kite skirt.

Lace up boots:  These came back into fashion during the  years of the first world war.

Beading: Very popular at this time, beading was used excessively on evening dresses

Kimono style: Japanese style dresses were very exotic and brought a new form of beauty based on simplicity and oriental design. Many evening dresses had square cut sleeves and the shape of a kimono.

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